When I'm With You

One evening, I decided to ask my partner what her definition of love was. She said she didn’t have a ready-made definition, but it was whatever she felt when we were together. (Ten points.) I asked her what she felt exactly, and she said, “Well, my heart skips a beat. We kiss and I see stars.” (Okay, now you’re pushing it.) It was then that I realized I feel the exact opposite when I’m with someone I love—that my heart rate actually slows down and I feel like I’m able to get a grip on my life.

The world is exhausting. It is only when I’m with my partner that I am able to regroup, recoup, and recover.

This song is my definition of love set to music.


Sung by Samia Mounts. Accompanied by Nevada Lozano.

Sung by Jason Weisinger. Accompanied by Nevada Lozano.